How To Fold Origami Flower

Would you like to know how to fold origami flower? There are 6 great flowers with clear, easy instructions, and a flower stem too!

Choose from the list below to go to the instructions page for that flower. Most of the flowers have a video to help you out as well!

origami blossoms


Make the gorgeous blossom - a nice easy flower if you're a beginner.

origami lily


The lily is a bit more time consuming, but not too challenging if you are patient!

origami rose


The rose is by far the most popular flower on, but its also the hardest! If you've had a bit of origami experience, give it a go, its well worth the effort!

origami lotus


Make the lotus/waterlily with paper that is a little more flexible than usual, and it's a real beauty!

origami 8 petal flower

8-Petal Flower

Make a few brightly coloured 8-petal flowers to put together in a cheery bouquet.

origami tulip


The classic tulip is gorgeous and so sweet, and it fits perfectly with the flower stem, below.

origami flower stem

Flower Stem

This super-easy flower stem works well with a flower that has a hole in the base such as the tulip or rose - but if you want to use it for other flowers, you can always cut a tiny hole for it in your flower.

How To Fold Origami Flower - A Guide