Free Origami Instructions

Origami Fun is a collection of free origami instructions for everyone who loves origami. That’s the number one purpose of this site: to provide quality diagrams and instructions to people who want to learn!

All the Free Origami Instructions on this site can be found here:

Sometimes it can be hard to find the model that you want on the net, there are so many origami sites, and so many similar models with similar names.

Have you ever been in this situation: You’ve typed in to google the name of an origami diagram, for example, the “jumping frog“, and come up with thousands upon thousands of pages that supposedly have the diagram… click through, however, and you find its not the right frog, not the one you had in mind anyway! Then you persevere, keep going, keep looking for the elusive frog diagram. At last, you find a picture of the frog model, only to find there are no free origami instructions to go with it! Oh well, you say, I’ll keep trying, and you do… and at last you find a diagram to instruct you how to make the frog. You print it out, and start folding.

And then comes the final disappointment! You get to step 3 and you cant go any further! The diagram doesn’t make any sense!

Well for me, this scenario is far too familiar. I just love origami, and I love sharing models and ideas for models with my friends, it’s a great hobby! But it can be very disappointing when the information just isn’t there on the net: when you would assume it would be, wouldn’t you!

So I decided to do something about it, to help people find quality diagrams for free, and use them any time they want. I want this site to become the largest and best origami site on the net… and I want your help…!

If you have been trying to find a diagram on the net, and you just cant find one that works, let me know! I’ll do my absolute best to help you out… because that’s what I’m here for! Origami Fun is all about free origami instructions!

If you have an origami diagram or origami pictures
you would like to share, let us know!