Flapping bird made me teacher for a day!

by Luke

One day in geometry class our school had an international relations guy come to our class for an hour. He did relations with people from Japan so he talked about what he does. When he was done he handed out origami paper and taught everyone how to make a simple bird.

After everyone was done he realized that we still had 30 minutes left. I asked if I could have another piece of origami paper to make a flapping bird. My friend asked if I could teach them how to make one so I said, "Sure, just copy what I do." Soon everyone in the class was asking if I could teach them too. The guest speaker man said that I should go up to the front of the class and teach everyone. It was so much fun having twenty people copy everything I did!

When we were done everyone was flapping the bird's wings like children, it was hilarious! When the bell rang everyone left the class with a flapping bird :)

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