Easter Origami

by Phillip Bonner
(Goolwa, SA, Australia)

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

Back when I was a child, in the '70s, my favourite hobby was Origami. I used to watch Robert Harbin on TV and try to make the models. My parents even purchased four of his books for me.

But when I grew up I sort of lost interest. On and off over the years I dabbled again in Origami, folding the odd napkin or two. I even folded some Christmas Trees to be used as Christmas Dinner place cards in the late '90s.

I rekindled my interest in Origami in Easter of 2007. Rather than giving my family Easter Eggs, I made an Origami Easter Bunny for each of them.

Firstly, I folded a rabbit, drew on eyes, whiskers, coloured the ears and wrote Happy Easter on it. After which I unfolded it to measure where each item I drew should go. Then I created a template on my computer so when I folded it the items where in the correct place.

I originally made seven but then a friend saw one and asked me if I could make one for her. Subsequently she showed it to her family and requested more (please see 'Easter Bunnies' for template and examples).

To make a long story short the requests kept coming over Easter and I ended up making one hundred and six! yes, I really did fold 106 Origami rabbits! Suffice to say, my family & friends expect an Easter Origami model every year.

In 2008 I folded a chicken and placed it, with a chocolate Easter egg, in an origami basket (please see 'Chicken & egg in basket'). In 2009 I folded a chicken in an egg (please see 'Chick in egg' for template and example). At Easter this year (2010) I folded two chicks in a nest (please see 'Chicks in a nest').

I even folded different Origami models for Christmas of those years, but that is another story...

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