Dragon Mishap :)

by Damaris
(Los Angeles)

Well back in July, when i was on my summer break, I really got into origami. I accomplished over 30 origami projects. However, one of those of those projects, i wasn't so lucky on completing.

I attempted to do an origami Kimodo dragon i believe, I don't remember exactly because I found the tutorial on youtube. Well the whole thing was a mess! It was a little to much to handle considering I was new to the art of origami.

So I try and I am trying to, but the body wont come out right! So I leave the body semi correctly done and then I try gluing the other parts together with a glue gun I borrowed from a neighbor of mine.

I end up gluing the parts to my hand, my skin ends up peeling off, and the whole project was a disaster. OH DEAR!

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