Make Cat Origami

If you've ever wanted to fold a cute cat origami, then you're in the right place! I have designed an origami cat for Origami-Fun, have a look:

Origami Cat

This adorable cat is a feature model of my eBook, Ultimate Origami, which contains 50 of the best origami designs around - from easy to more challenging, all in this downloadable eBook... and you can start making your origami straight away:

Make Cat Origami With Ultimate Origami

Ultimate Origami

Ultimate Origami is made up of clear, easy to follow instructions to make some wonderful origami. All of the best designs from Origami-Fun are included, as well as some completely new ones, including:

- The swan

- The sunfish

- The dolphin

- The easy rose (NEW DESIGN)

- The penguin

- The waterbomb (origami cube)

- The dragon

- The flower stem with pocket

- The jet plane

- The whale

Begin Making All These Models Right Now

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