by Bri Blair

This is a wonderful origami book!

This is a wonderful origami book!

This is my story of when I received my first origami book. I made the butterfly out of the book, Beautiful Origami. This was my first origami, so, as anyone would be, I was afraid of messing up. But, to my surprise, I was good at it. So I continued to fold. I have been doing origami for six years now, I started at only seven years old. I am now thirteen and my origami's are on display in my school library. I was really surprised when my librarian came up to me and saw my origami in my hand and asked to display them! I was unsure at first but with continuous begging by my friends, I couldn't say no. I was folding in my desk in second grade and I almost got in trouble but when my techer saw it, she asked me to teach my class how to make it! And lemme tell ya, it's not easy teaching a bunch of second graders. But within two days they all had a beautiful butterfly! Now, if I do say so myself, I think I am an expert at origami. My friends tried doing origami, I even tried to teach my class during recess, but they will never compare to me! Haha!

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