Best Origami Videos
on the net

Hi there origami lover! Thanks for visiting! I've compiled these videos from around the net, they are by far my favourites... I hope you enjoy them too!

(1) Origami Lucky Stars

Make these pretty little stars with just a strip of paper...

(2) Simple Origami Bat

I've been looking for an origami bat that's easy to make for AGES! And I found one - this guy is great...

(5) MODULAR ORIGAMI: The Incredible Swan

You may have seen pics of this swan- it looks amazing. But diagrams for it are pretty hard to follow, so it was a great day for the origami community when this video was made!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of my favourite vids on the net! If you know of another one that you think is great, and you'd like to tell me about it, make sure to contact me!