antsy kids

by Gale Satrom
(Santa Rosa, CA USA)

A few years ago at Kasier a family was in the waiting room with dad. I had come to find out they had been there pretty much all day & evening before. the two younger ones maybe 7 and 6 were really bored and whining somewhat...

I remembered that magazines really make some great origami paper - at the time the only thing that I could remember was how to make the ball/balloon. I made like four of them and blew up two... I tossed em to the kids and dad was happy for the entertainment. I showed them how to blow em up and told them that dad could show them how to make them later.

I had my appointment and they were still there laughing and playing football on the table. The dad said his wife had come out to say the older son was being admitted.

The kids were happy to see mom come out and of course showed her what they had and what they had learned. I have always thought of that moment and it makes me smile to this day.

When I was a little girl my dad was in the hospital and somebody made me the popgun out of newspaper and that passed the time quickly to learn how to make em!! So I believe I have "paid it forward" in hopes someone else does the same thing :)

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Aug 02, 2015
antsy kids NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks Gale for this awesome story about your real life experience. I feel happy to see how you help someone to make their time beautiful.The is also good for the students and it always helps them in their education.

Jul 20, 2015
antsy kids NEW
by: Oded Nahum

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Aug 25, 2011
pass it forward.

This is also why I keep in practice, to share with others. Whether it is a ballon, jumping frog or a flapping crane, to see to enjoyment of others. I have shared with the young and old. They give back way more than I could give,
Way to go, "antsy kids"!

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