A Thousand Stars and Cranes

by Yelesina Hernandez
(Houston, TX, USA)

Here are some of the lucky stars

Here are some of the lucky stars

I've been trying to aim for a thousand of both, stars and cranes. Last year, that's when I started, I began with the cranes, I had 200 down, but for some reason they kept getting lost even though I had a HUGE container for them! I kept getting frustrated at the fact that they were lost and the thought that I would never finish bothered me.

One day my niece came from school, and said that her class was making an event that required paper cranes to decorate the classroom. I didn't hesitate. I just told her that she could take mine, and she did. Their class event went just fine!

Now, I am done with the thousand stars...well...I am at 800! And I'm still going!

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