A New Beginning

by tracy
(greenville tx )

I was desperate for a new idea on how to raise money for a school fundraiser, and I came across an interesting origami flower: it was relatively simple but had a lot of impact. It was a water lily that was made with 12 rectangular pieces that were boat folded and attached to a length of string.

The club was raising money for heart disease and the flowers were a big hit, for a $1 each, these were an affordable and beautiful way to give a gift in honor of someone you knew that died or was affected by heart disease.

We raised a lot of $ with this simple fundraiser and it touched a lot of people in our community. but the best part is with the ones that I personally purchased, (I wasn't going to not pay, that sets a bad example even though I made them) I went to the city lake and set mine afloat down the water in honor of my own lost family members.

We said a prayer, my family and I, and we watched as our waterlilies floated away towards the sunset, I felt a deep calm knowing that that small gesture gave me a new beginning and a new sense of love towards my family and those that have lost someone to this disease.

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