A Bookmarked Recollection

by Mae

During my last year in elementary school, me and my friends have organised a craft sell involving origami.

The story behind this is that in grade 8 (the last grade in my elementary school,) my class decided it was time to fund-raise a well for a country in Africa. Our goal was to raise $700.

My class did a bunch of fundraisers, but one of them was the craft sell. In this craft sell, me, my friends, and my partners created keychains and origami creations. We made cranes, frogs, and a few exceptional creations!

Every kid that came to our sale had cute expressions when they were choosing what they wanted to buy. The origami/craft that sold the most were these wonderful collections of corners used as bookmarks that one of my closest friends taught our group to make. There were a variety of colors and everyone in my class wanted one each.

When the fundraising period was over, the only craft left was the bookmarks (our group has made quite a lot). My friend, being very generous, volunteered the idea to donate the bookmarks to the teacher's bookclub (I was surprised).

The nostalgia of this memory is that I haven't thought about it until just a few moments ago. What I recall most was the lunch periods my group sacrificed in order to create the products. Those times were worth every minute, and because our elementary was small everyone was very close.

We had so much fun learning how to make origami and keychains, but now I have forgotten how to make most of the crafts and I miss the closeness of everyone. That memory was the one year before everyone has graduated and moved on to high school.

Now then, for the corner bookmark thingy, I forgot how to make it. It is cute though, you need a colored/designed piece of square paper. Such as the origami paper that comes with an origami kit. The finished result is a tiny square which one side is tucked in half so that it resembles a triangle. In that open space, between the triangle and the inside of the bookmark, you tuck a corner of a page from a book. The ideal corner bookmark should be thin because it'll have a better chance of staying in the book instead of slipping off. It's great!

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Aug 04, 2015
informative!!! NEW
by: Bony

You have done a great job and I appreciate you all for doing such a great thing together for a good motive. You are become good models for the other students. I think this kind of activities should be followed by others also. sell amex points

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