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Origami Fun Newsletter: Origami Masters
July 05, 2010

Hi there origami-enthusiasts!

The theme of this edition of the Newsletter is Origami Masters... You'll see some amazing galleries and inspiring images, as well a couple of other interesting origami morsels thrown into the mix too!

In this issue you'll find:

*Origami Masters: a gallery collection of inspiring works
*Contribute to
*Origami Master: Origoku
*Do you love modular origami? You will!
*HUGE origami


Gallery of Origami Masters

I've been studying some of the great origami masters for some time now, and to my delight came across this gallery that includes wonderful designs by a few big names in origami design. This collection includes animals, fantasy creatures and insects and will have you in awe!

Contribute to

If you know of any great pics of origami on the net, or you have made some impressive designs yourself… you'll be pleased to know that will be launching a feature in a couple of weeks where you can upload these pics to the website and show them off! So keep an eye out, I'll let you know when it's up and running!

Origami Master: Origoku

Now this fellow is quite amazing! He has dozens and dozens of his own creations on flickr - I recommend a leisurely browse through his site - you won't be disappointed!

And to see other amazing origami works, check out my Amazing Origami page on

Modular Origami

If you don't already love or have found the addictive pull of modular origami (!), then you'll be surprised at the intricacy and vibrancy of these great designs!

If you're new to modular origami, you can check out some great starting projects, and more stunning pics at:

Huge Origami

Check out this page from Growing Tree Toys - they have found an enormous origami cobra project as well as a stadium-sized crane!!

If you hadn't seen the article on the smallest crane from last November's newsletter, you can check it out here:


So I hope this will give you some inspiration to keep up the folding! And keep an eye out for my announcement in a couple of weeks when you can contribute your own achievements to the Origami-Fun website!

Happy Folding!

Warm Regards,

Robyn Hondow


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