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Origami Fun Newsletter - Where To Get Great Origami Paper
June 22, 2008

Hi and welcome to this edition of the origami-fun newsletter!

I hope things are going really well for you, and you’re still folding origami!

I just wanted to let you know I’ve just uploaded two great new pages to my origami website.

The first page shows you where you can go on the internet to get some really beautiful origami paper. It took me a while to round up these resources, but I’m glad I did! Having paper of this quality are making a big difference on the way my designs look. :)

Here’s the page:

click here.

The second page gives you many designs you can print yourself, as well some great ideas for using things you have “lying around” to create your own paper.

click here.

Between both of these pages you will able to get the best out of the net when it comes to buying origami paper, and also discover some great ideas about using paper you may already have in your house!

Have a wonderful day!

Robyn H

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