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Origami Fun: Origami Is Everywhere!
August 23, 2011

Hi Everyone!

In this edition of the Newsletter:

    • Thanks to All!

    • Origami Is Everywhere...

    • A Competition For All Origami Makers!



First of all, a huge thanks to everyone for your support and lovely comments about the launch of the Ultimate Origami Video Collection - it's so great to see so many people passionate about paper folding, and I'm so glad you like the collection!

And just to let you know, I've opened up a few more places for the Ultimate Origami Video Collection - a collection of 50 high quality videos hosted in a membership site, and including many free gifts! You can read about it here:

Ultimate Origami Video Collection: New Places Available!


I wanted to tell you guys about the huge amount of origami being made all over the world! Soooo many people have been kind enough to share their creations on… and there have been some truly fantastic submissions!

I'd love you to have a look at what other people from around the world are making! Origami seems to be a truly global artform! You can see the whole list of submissions here:

Origami Creations From All Over The World

A great example is by Liana from Albuquerque - she has created some absolutely stunning jewellery from origami that she has made reeeaaaaally tiny! And Mousa, from Jordan has made some incredible geometric modular origami… this looks like it would have taken a while!! And also check out what Natalie, from South Australia has made - a glorious bouquet of lilies and cranes using diagrams from The links to these stories are below:

Origami Jewelry by Liana
Modular Origami by Mousa
Origami Bouquet by Natalie

It's also really worth having a read about some of the wonderful and touching stories about origami being made for people recovering in hospital, or as memorials for a loved one… there are some truly beautiful stories that people have shared:

Origami Stories From All Over The World

And you can rate or comment on the pages - I'm sure the person who has written it would appreciate the encouragement!

And if you haven't before submitted anything, please do! I'm getting many emails from people telling me how wonderful it is to see other people's origami on and that brings us to...


To show my great appreciation for all of the wonderful origami that everyone is sharing, I'll be giving away a membership package for the Ultimate Origami Video Collection EVERY MONTH! All you need to do is submit a story (with a photo if you wish) to be in the draw! Just go to this page below to submit your story:

Submit Your Own Origami Here!

Till next time, Happy Folding!

Robyn Hondow


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