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Origami Fun Newsletter -- Halloween Origami Projects
October 23, 2009

An update on the world of origami!

Hi guys, this edition of the Origami Fun newsletter is all about HALLOWEEN! (Just in time, too!)

I've put up a halloween origami page especially for my subscribers. I only just put it up, so google probably wont have indexed it yet... which means the only people seeing it are subscribers to the origami-fun newsletter! That's a bit special!

Anyway, I watched just about EVERY halloween origami vid I could find and found my favourites: the cutest jack-o-lantern, or pumpkin, an easy & great looking bat, and a little cat who is a bit more challenging, but well worth it.

You can check them out here:

And, while I was sifting through the internet to find these great vids, I stumbled on a fantastic site that I'd never seen before; so as part of my halloween edition of the newsletter, I thought I'd recommend it to you. Its got some good halloween origami projects, that are nice and easy for young kids (as well as adults)... but my favourite has to be the spider!

Its not the most traditional way of folding origami (rolling paper and using a spot of glue), but as far as paper spiders go, it looks great! I love it when I see something that is truly easy, but still looks awesome... It's really cute!

Here it is (but make sure you have a look at some of the other projects on this site too)

Thanks guys, till next time, happy folding!!


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