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Origami Fun Newsletter - Beautiful And Easy Christmas Origami
December 09, 2009


Hi there everyone!

Well, its fast approaching, so if you're decorating for Christmas, you wont want to miss the latest additions to I have just uploaded my new Christmas Origami page - its SO new that Google wont have even indexed it yet which means origami-fun subscribers get a sneak preview!


* A Mini Christmas Tree for the table or to give as a gift;

* Lucky Stars made with strips of paper - great for so many different types of decorations!

* Gift Boxes galore, and Gift Bows to top them;

* A gorgeous Dove that flaps his wings (the younger kids love this one!);

* Beautiful Christmas Envelopes of any shape or size you want;

* and, my favourite: The stunning silver star-flower made from an old popular origami design.

AND, as always, free printable origami paper for you - but this time you get 10 designs, all Christmas-themed patterns to make your Christmas Origami models.

And, I've also included some great ideas for finding cheap or free origami paper!

Here's the link:

But I wont distract you ANY MORE - go get folding! And have a Merry, Merry Christmas! I'll talk to you in the New Year!

Best Wishes,

Robyn :)

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