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Origami Fun: Easy Christmas Origami Projects!
December 17, 2011

Hey, it's Robyn from Origami Fun!

Well, it's just about Christmas time!

I've been putting together an awesome Christmas Origami page with loads of reaaaallly easy (and free!) origami projects for Christmas, including some beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, gift boxes, origami gifts and even a mini origami Christmas tree!

You dont want to miss this one!

Click HERE For Free Christmas Origami Projects

And for the more eperienced folder, there are even a couple of quite complex models in video form - an exquisite snowflake, an intricate modular ornament, and even Pandora's Box!

So get your family and friends together and start folding some fantastic origami this Christmas!

Click HERE For Free Christmas Origami Projects

PS. Stay tuned because in a couple of days I'll be announcing some exciting news! Just in time for Christmas!

Happy Folding! :-)


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