The Ultimate Origami Book

Welcome! Origami-Fun is the home of the fantastic origami book, Ultimate Origami - an eBook which contains 50 of the best origami designs you'll find around! All of the models are shown with easy-to-understand instructions to make them. You can start making these origami designs right now, just click the link below:

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The great thing about Ultimate Origami is that it combines the best diagrams from Origami-Fun, with some great & exclusive new ones! All in the one fantastic eBook! They include:

    – The dolphin

    – The whale

    – The easy rose (NEW DESIGN)

    – The cat (NEW DESIGN)

    – The penguin

    – The waterbomb (origami cube)

    – The dragon

    – The flower stem with pocket

    – The swan

    – The sunfish

    – The jet plane

And because its an eBook, once you've bought it, you can download and begin your origami straight away! No need to wait for a book to come in the mail! Plus there's some great free bonuses that come with it. Click below to find out what they are:

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