Make Little Fish Origami

Have a look at this sweet fish origami:

sun fish

This fish is called the sunfish, as is quite an easy design to make - not to mention it's so cute! Make it with some colourful or patterned paper to make a fantastic wall display or mobile...

You can find instructions to make the sunfish in my eBook, Ultimate Origami - a collection of 50 of the best origami designs you can find, all with diagrams to easily make them. Click below to find out more:

Make Fish Origami with Ultimate Origami

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Ultimate Origami not only contains the absolute best origami designs from Origami-Fun, but also some exclusive new designs, including:

    - The cat

    - The swan

    - The dolphin

    - The easy rose (NEW DESIGN)

    - The penguin

    - The waterbomb (origami cube)

    - The dragon

    - The flower stem with pocket

    - The jet plane

    - The whale

Get Ultimate Origami And Have Some Fun!

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