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Origami Fun: An origami rose that's better than a real one...
June 23, 2011

An Origami Rose That's Better Than A Real One!

Hi origami lovers!

I want to tell you about a very special origami flower, a rose in fact, that is sooo gorgeous…

I found out about it last year when I had a competition on origami-fun… one of the winning entries was from a young man who had found a video of this rose and made it for a girl he liked, such a sweet story!

Click Here To Read The Rose Story

And I remembered about this little rose yesterday as I was on the way to visit my mum - she's just had surgery and she's a bit sad (as surgery will do to you) so to cheer her up I went to get some flowers, and I thought "what am I doing? Why don't I just make her some?" So I made this little rose for her.

It's quite funny, because her room is full of flowers, but she keeps the little rose on her bedside table and shows everyone that comes in - and you may think it's just motherly pride, but I really think that origami flowers are a much more touching gift than flowers you buy… and she has received many origami gifts from me over the years but she never gets tired of them ;)

This rose is a modular design - made of 3 small green squares, and 3 small red squares. When it is put together, it forms a cube… until you pull the petals out and it magically transforms into the loveliest red rose with 3 green leaves beneath it!

The video wasn't made by me, but it is rather good - though if you're just a beginner, be prepared to stop and start the vid as it goes fast in some spots. It's worth it!

So make a gift for someone you love today - you don't need an occasion!

Click Here For Instructions To Make This Rose!

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