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Origami-Fun Newsletter
March 18, 2010

Hi there, all you origami lovers!

Firstly, let me say a huge sorry about the lateness of this newsletter, as some of you know i have been quite unwell for a while, but we're back on track now! So thankyou all for your continued support… and lets get into some origami!

In this edition:

* Origami Dragons
* A Great Origami Gallery
* Funny Origami
* Monumental Origami
* Origami Video Gallery


Origami Dragons

Most origami lovers just cant get enough of origami dragons… they are like the ultimate in origami designs… but if you've never really been all that interested in the beautiful dragon, I know a page that will change your mind forever:

Origami Gallery

I found this amazing page by Guspath GO, which is just wonderful - check out the fantasical creations: the hippogriff, the Golden Gryphon and the Firedrake...

Funny Origami

Does origami ever frustrate you? i have a feeling that the creator of this site may have felt frustrated at some point…

Robert J Lang, Origami Master:

Have a look at what Robert Lang has been doing! No longer content with regular sized origami, Lang has taken it to the extreme, folding "Monumental Origami". This is a very interesting article, and some of these creations are just amazing.

Origami Video Gallery

An amazing video montage of some beautiful origami, some seen before around the net, but there is just so much here, set to a backdrop of haunting music.., so if you have a spare 9 mins, I highly recommend it!


Now keep an eye out for the next newsletter in a couple of weeks - the Easter special! I'll have some more free printable paper in Easter themes, as well as some great Easter origami ideas… I'll talk to you then!

Have a great day,

Robyn Hondow
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