The Origami Lily with the Flower Stem

by Victoria Fyfe
(Aberdeen, Scotland)

Origami Lily - picture borrowed from

Origami Lily - picture borrowed from

Every year there is an Agricultural Show in Turriff, near to where I live, and there is an Industrial Section to the Show where the general public from the area can enter themselves in this section to win prizes and small sums of cash. I have been to the show many years in a row with my family, and year after year, being especially interested at looking at all the amazing crafts in the Industrial tent at the show, I decided to enter myself this year.

One of the categories that I chose to enter was "Paper Folding", and when I came round to thinking about what I was going to make I went online, searching origami designs, and I then came across your site!

I decided that making a flower would be a nice thing to make as they can look very professional yet very pretty and elegant. I went with the lily, which I made with red origami paper and it turned out to be beautiful after only having to make it once. I then decided that to finish it off nicely it would look good on a stem, so I then went ahead making a green stem, which also turned out extremely well.

When I put the flower on the stem I found it hard for the whole flower to stand as I wasn't exactly sure how to attach the flower to the stem, but after a few minutes of trial-and-error, I eventually found a good and suitable way for the flower to stand, which was very elegant. The finished flower was lovely and after I entered in the show, it turned out that the flower came third place, amongst 4 other designs which I assume were created by extrememly experiened origamists(?).

But by this result I was extremely chuffed with myself as the flower was very elegant looking and I reckon it deserved that very good third place, amongst the high standard of work.

From that award I got a little square of green card saying "Third Place, Turriff Show" and I received £3.00 for my placing.

Overall I was very pleased with this result and realize, without your help I could not have achieved this! The step-by-step instructions which come on separate printable sheets are very handy and are extremely easy to follow. Your site has so many different varieties of origami creations and I have now tried many of the different designs and have them stored in my bedroom. I look forward to making more of your creations in the future and would just like to say "Thankyou for all your help!" :) x

P.S Sorry I could not submit a picture of my own design but I forgot to capture a picture of the design in it's peak condition. x

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