3D Rainbow Swan!! :)

by Ricardo

my Rainbow Swan

my Rainbow Swan

Even thought this Swan is not as simple as some things here its very easy to make. Just thought I would share my hobby which is 3D ORIGAMI :)

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Aug 17, 2015
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Jun 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

how did you do that!??

Jun 13, 2013
by: Akinola Akinyemi

Dis is d definition of SKILLS.

Jun 10, 2013
Beautiful Swan
by: Anonymous

I am in awe. This swan is beautiful!

May 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

That is the best swan i have ever seen

May 04, 2013
very nice
by: Anonymous


Apr 25, 2013
Awesome swan
by: Anonymous

This is amazing!

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